The idea of profitable businesses leading with purpose and intentionality to make the world a better place is not a new concept. Social Venture Circle and its legacy organizations were founded over three decades ago by visionaries focused on working together to create a regenerative economy through business. Their efforts have been notable, measurable and significant.  

But even they recognize we need more. 

We now face an urgency unlike any other time in mankind’s history that requires a global unified movement to create the NEXT Economy that is just and prosperous for all. 

Together, we must address human rights, social justice, the wealth divide, gender equity, access, poverty and preservation of our Mother Earth and her precious resources. We can no longer work only with the like-minded, but must reach across aisles and continents to structure solutions with diverse groups of fellow human beings from all walks of life. 

Social Venture Circle is actively working to lead the way into the Next Economy alongside many partners, organizations, networks and communities. We do this by connecting and equipping social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and capacity-builders to create a healthy ecosystem that will support and create fertile ground for socially-responsible businesses to grow. 

At SVC, we are actively working to redirect the flow of capital not only to protect our Earth, but to help give more opportunities to leaders of diverse backgrounds to create businesses that will in turn, nourish their communities. As a result, we can work towards a more equitable economy. The philosophies of my own ancestors dictate that we must think of our future generations in every action we take today. 

The time is now. 

For all these reasons, I invite you to join me and SVC in our commitment to the NEXT Economy by participating in our social media campaign. While a social media campaign might not give us immediate results, what it does do is unite our voices together to connect a larger community, and generate awareness about our collective mission. 

Joining is easy: 

  1. Follow us on social media- we are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Our Twitter & Instagram handles are @svcimpact , and you can find us on LinkedIn and Facebook under Social Venture Circle.
  2. Use social media to post your answer to this question: How do YOU define the NEXT Economy? 
  3. Make sure you use the campaign hashtag #thenexteconomySVC and tag us at @svcimpact
  4. Participating will automatically enter you to win a 1-year FREE membership for yourself or a friend

I hope you will consider collaborating alongside us. Together, let’s give voice to the NEXT economy. 

In solidarity, 

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl,

Executive Director at Social Venture Circle

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