At Social Venture Circle, we are on a mission to build an economy that is regenerative, equitable, and prosperous for all. As part of this strategy, we aim to recognize the next generation of business leaders’ contributions to the NEXT Economy. SVC’s Innovation Entrepreneurs’ Program is an effort to support this next generation of business founders — especially women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color — to secure the human and social capital needed to grow their enterprises and expand their impact.

We are pleased to introduce the 2019 Innovation Entrepreneurs! 

Lauren Grattan, Mission Driven Finance, CA

Mission Driven Finance is an impact investment firm and Certified B Corporation dedicated to building a financial system that ensures good businesses have access to sufficient, affordable capital. At Mission Driven Finance, we use finance as a tool for change and make it easy to invest in your community.

Marco Bollinger, Lokal, CA

Lokal’s platform makes it easy for travelers to book unique culture and nature trips around the world with help from local sustainable travel experts – increasing the positive impact of the $600B adventure tourism industry on communities and conservation.

Lillie Keener, Blue Star Integrative Studio, Inc., OK

Blue Star Integrative Studio is a minority-owned, Certified B Corporation specializing in architecture, design, and community planning.

Teofilo Tijerina, Onko Solutions, TX

Onko Solutions is saving lives with next generation cancer screening and diagnostics suitable for the entire world.

Tahda Ohtone, JackRabbit Development, LLC, AZ

JackRabbit Development promotes sustainable lifestyles. We do this by looking at how the built environment impacts the lived experience. We focus on bringing in clean energy, water and food to communities. We build homes that save people money while also saving the earth.

Orion Brown, BlackTravelBox, CO

BlackTravelBox is a thoughtfully-crafted collection of travel hair and skincare essentials that come in forms and formats that travel well, get you through TSA without the hassle, and are made for a variety of skin tones and hair textures.

Anasa Troutman, Culture Shift Creative, CA

Culture Shift Creative is a cultural strategy firm that leverages storytelling and media for social impact. We identify, remove and replace barriers to cultural wellness by designing, building, and executing branded systems, a model for enterprise based solutions that create entry points to global transformation for artists, orgs, brands, and everyday people.




Come meet the 2019 Innovation Entrepreneurs at our Annual Conference on Friday, November 15 at 10:30 am at a special ‘Meet & Greet’ presented by Beneficial State Bank. See more information here

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