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NEXT Economy LIVE is new weekly series in partnership with Intentional Media, Opportunity Collaboration, and the American Sustainable Business Council where experienced members and thought leaders host webinars, interactive meetings, and discussions where the real challenges, insights, and best practices of leading and funding mission-driven businesses can be explored with peers.

Upcoming SVC Events

Wednesday, May 27 – Philanthropic Adaptation Strategies (A Conversation with Ellen Dorsey of Wallace Global Fund)

Thursday, May 28 – How to Build a Successful Virtual Company & Thrive Remotely

Friday, May 29 – Values-Based Collaborations Across Sectors in a Pandemic

Wednesday, June 3 – Customer Engagement in a Digital-First World

Thursday, June 4 – Saru Jayaraman (One Fair Wage) in conversation with Jeffrey Hollender (American Sustainable Business Council)

Members are invited to submit their own webinar/meeting proposals. Email [email protected] to access the form.

Partner Events

JumpScale: The New Normal: A Live Interview Series on Adaptation Strategies for Investment, Business, and Society

Previous SVC Events

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Episode 20 – The Psychology of Resilience: Strategies for the Road Ahead (Watch Here)

Episode 19 – Impact Measurement and Analysis for Decision Making (Watch Here)

Episode 18 – Feedback Hack: Flipping the Switch on Remote Feedback and Why That’s So Important Now (Watch Here)

Episode 17 – Moving Indigenous Businesses & Economies Past COVID-19 (Watch Here)

Episode 16 – Raising Capital for your Business in Times of Uncertainty (Watch Here)

Episode 15 – Indigenous Peoples & COVID-19: Self-Determination, Resiliency, Solutions (Watch Here)

Episode 14 – Preparing for “After” – Legal Strategies for the New Normal (Watch Here)

Episode 13 – Regenerative Agriculture & Climate Change (Watch Here)

Episode 12 – Sounding the Alarm: Will Business Owners of Color Survive COVID & What’s Needed Next? (Watch Here)

Episode 11 – Cybersecurity During COVID: Practical Tips for Remote Work and Incident (Watch Here)

Episode 10 – Strengthening our Democracy: A Smart Way to Create a Positive Rate of Return (Watch Here)

Episode 9 – Being Calm Is Highly Over Rated (Watch Here)

Episode 8 – Catalyzing Your Consumers in Climate Action (Watch Here)

Episode 7 – How to Articulate Your Why and Stay Connected in Times of Crisis (Watch Here)

Episode 6 – Uncertainty’s Best Use: What Disruption Can Produce & How To Seize the Evolution (Watch Recording)

Episode 5 – Cover Your Assets: IP Strategies Despite Uncertainty (Watch Recording)

Episode 4 – Cultivating Foresight (Watch Recording)

Episode 3 – Navigating Pivots & Cash Challenges During COVID-19 (Listen to Recording)

Episode 2 – Your Remote Work Thrival Guide (Watch Recording)

Episode 1 – Business Survival Tactics During Coronavirus (Watch Recording)


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