Over the last few months, our Executive Director Valerie Red-Horse Mohl has been making the rounds across the country to spread the word about the work we’re doing at SVC to build an equitable, just and prosperous economy. She has been appearing on a few different shows, and we invite you to watch her interviews to learn more about her story and our collective mission. Check them out below:

Valerie on Devin Thorpe’s Your Mark On the World Show

On Devin’s show, Val talks about her experience in raising money for tribal nations, and how she’s bringing her personal history as a Native American leader who has worked between Hollywood and Wall Street,  into the work she’s doing today at SVC.



Valerie on the IGEOS Show (A Leadership and Organizational Development Coaching Firm) 

This conversation covers topics of her diverse background, leading with love, and creating a better world for future generations.



Valerie on Martin Ricard’s Show 

Martin Ricard is a content marketing expert who specializes in helping social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and changemakers increase their visibility, authority, trust and impact online. This conversation tackles the misconception in business that, if you take a stand for a social cause, you have to keep it separate from what you normally sell or risk hurting your bottom line. Val talks about the power of storytelling in social enterprises. Learn more about Martin’s work here.


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