Thank you to all of you who joined us for SVC 2019: Welcome to the NEXT Economy Conference! Relive Day 2 & 3 of the event through this photo diary captured by photographer Ian Markham. Enjoy!

A highlight of Day 2: Val moderating a conversation (and sharing a laugh!) with “Winners Take All” author Anand Giridharadas


SVC member Jerry Gorde shares a moment with Anand backstage


Vanice Dunn of Provoc & Lynn Johnson of Spotlight Girls are all smiles backstage with Anand


Team Member Jill Newbold sharing ideas from her group on how to take action following Anand’s talk from the day before.


Nell Derick Debevoise speaks and shares her thoughts about Anand’s talk.



Morgan Simon shares her thought leadership with a smile!


Erika Karp, CEO of Cornerstone Capital, leads a masterclass on Impact Investing.



Don Gips, CEO of the Skoll Foundation and former US Ambassador to South Africa, is enthusiastic about supporting social entrepreneurs.


Nathalie Molina Niño, author of LEAPFROG, shares a warm hug with our ED Val Red-Horse Mohl.


Nathalie Molina Niño is a proud builder capitalist: she seeks to build out new forms of capital to help support black and brown entrepreneurs.


Tribal Chairman Chief Redblood (Anthony Morales), shares his wisdom in preserving tribal culture, identity, and unity.


Chrystel Cornelius, Executive Director of First Nations Oweesta Corporation, is on a mission is to provide opportunities for Native people to develop assets and create wealth by assisting in the establishment of strong, permanent institutions and programs, contributing to economic independence and strengthening sovereignty for all Native communities.


Ann Whitmore directs and manages the impact investment portfolio for Highlands Associates in California. Highlands is particularly interested in social enterprises that work with and empower Native American, Indigenous, POC, and marginalized rural communities when they see themselves as stewards for the land in reciprocal relationship with the natural world.


Les Parks Parks is committed to providing opportunity and mentorship to youth, developing business opportunities for the Tulalip Tribes and tribal membership as well as fighting to protect treaty-reserved natural and cultural resources, including the health of the Puget Sound.


SVC Board Member Heather Mason is a bright light on and off stage!


Josh Mailman, one of our organization’s co-founders, takes the stage.


Valarie Kaur, human rights activist, shares her philosophy of Revolutionary Love.


Josh Mailman and our members share a cozy moment as the conference comes to a close.


It’s all LOVE.


A few of our members huddled up with Valarie.


Valarie gives a hug in the spirit of Revolutionary Love.


The entire team THANKS YOU for being with us at SVC 2019!!

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